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Hey gang

Sorry for such a long hiatus.  There has been a lot going on and a lot of decisions that I have had to make concerning this project.  

I have come to the conclusion that I will try to follow through on the project.  This was a tough choice for me but I think there is a lot of hard work that went into it and I would hate for those who did the work not reap some type of benefit for their hard work.

So, the first thing up will be a exclusive print that will be available at Wizard World Chicago con.  The dates for the show are August 11-14 and you will be able to pick it up at tables 3401/3403.  This print will only be sold in Chicago, and Wizard is backing it, so come by and buy one for $15.  

Thanks and keep an eye out.  I will update this site more often now with new art and information on the project.  

Oh, did I say that the first issue will debut next year?  Hope that gets your attention.

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Hey gang.  I know it has been a while since I posted some stuff up in the journal but things here have been crazy.  I just finished up the script for our first twenty minute teaser for the movie and now we are doing storyboards and costume designs.  So things are coming along nicely for the movie.

We are trying to put together some really cool products for you guys but we are running into some problems.  If anyone out there has any information on a printer that does calendars for a decent price please drop me a note.  We have already looked into doing them through cafepress and kinkos.  Just way to much up front cost and the on demand print guys don't do calendars.  So if anyone out there knows of someone please drop me a note.

I will be putting up T-shirt information this week if you would be interested in purchasing one.  We do not have to many left from our first run due to shows and such.  So it will be first come first serve.

Cherry Bomb stories are coming along nicely.  Randy should have a story to post in a couple of days and we have several other guys who have done stories as well.  We are looking at pushing the book through Dark Horse but do not know for sure yet where it will be published.  But we will keep you updated.

I think that is it for now.  Thanks again for all the support and love.  We really appreciate it.
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Hey everyone.  Thanks again for all the love we have received on the Cherry Bomb concept.  It really is a little crazy how fast this characters popularity has grown with so little out there for it.  This could not happen without all the support from you guys and gals.  Thank you.

Now, for the big news, Cherry Bomb has been picked up for a feature film.  Yep, Cherry Bomb will be a full length movie.  The company producing it will be the guys from All Aces Media.  They did a movie called "The Dogs of Chinatown".  One of the main producers is a good friend I have known for years.  Of course when we first met he was selling DVDs.  So you never know who God will put in your path that one day will be the door to a great opportunity.  We are metting with the producers next week to finalize everything and we will have at least a 20 minute short to debut in SDCC next year.  

The funny thing about this movie deal is that we did not pursue it, God brought it to us.  He opened the door and we thank Him for it.

Also, we have a lot of cool artist dropping some lead for some cool stories and pin ups.  So keep an eye out.

I have been asked a bunch about the story and the character.  So I thought I would post up the short two sentence pitch for everyone to get the idea and feel for the book.

"Cherry Bomb is an assassin who hunts assassins because her father was killed by an unknown assassin, and to find the revenge she desires, she will kill them all.  Cherry bomb is part Matilda, from the professional but grown up, and part Panda from Body Bags with a dash of Burn Notice thrown in for good taste."   

Hope that gives everyone a clearer perspective on the character and book.

Thanks again for all the love and support.  You guys and gals are a blessing.
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We wanted to thank everyone for receiving the character so well.  We truly appreciate all the kind words and watches.

We hope to have more up this week as well as a little of the background and story.  So please stay tuned.  Thanks.
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